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5 Things To Do To Get Ready For Multiple Orgasms

5 Things To Do To Get Ready For Multiple Orgasms

Whether we share it with our girlfriends or not, all of us have sex goals—things that we want to happen (if we’re lucky, tons of times) before we leave this planet. Take a moment. Run down your own list and you probably have “multiple orgasm” on your list!

If you’re saying you want one because it appears to be as rare as seeing a unicorn on your front lawn, here’s the brief rundown of what a multiple orgasm is. When you’re stimulated to the point of climaxing, there are rapid (pleasant-feeling) contractions in your uterus and vagina that produce the hormone oxytocin and make you feel euphoric all over. A multiple orgasm is what happens when you almost return to the plateau phase and feel the contractions come back all over again. That’s the surface-scientific explanation. It’s the kind of thing you kind of have to experience for yourself.

But unlike the unicorn that’s probably never going to happen, there are things that you can do, even before going into your bedroom that can up your chances of having a multiple orgasm. Curious?

Flirt Throughout The Day

Ask any sex expert about the key to having intense and/or multiple orgasms and one of the things they are going to say is that you have to be willing to extend the foreplay. That shouldn’t start in the bedroom, 10 minutes before you’re ready to get it on. It should be by “warming each other up” mentally throughout the day.

Send a couple of dirty texts. Call and say something that will make your partner blush in the middle of the day. Have a sexy “inside joke” delivered to their job or waiting on them in the car.

Flirting builds up expectation. If you do it right, both of you will end up having at least one orgasm the moment both of you hit the front door!

Do Some Kegels

Since a multiple orgasm is all about muscle contraction in the vagina, uterus (and for a man, also penis), it can never hurt to do some kegels. That is the kind of exercise that teaches you how to master contracting your uterus and vagina. If you do it consistently, it can also teach you how to “grip him” once he’s inside of you in a way that will blow his mind!

Do Some Deep Breathing

If you are a yoga student, you’re already well on your way to achieving multiple orgasms. If you’re not, you might want to consider doing some meditating to learn how to deep breathe. We say that because a huge key to achieving a multiple orgasm is how you breathe.

It’s totally natural for an orgasm to literally take your breath away. The challenge is that when you shallow breathe, that can make it hard for your body to reach another climax.

Right after your first orgasm, try doing some deep inhaling and exhaling. If that’s happening while you’re still being stimulated, that will make it so much easier to have (at least) one more orgasm within a few moments.

Put On Some Jasmine And Vanilla Oil

Something else that’s important is to get all of your senses involved. Two potent essentials oils that you should put on your body (and bedding) is jasmine and vanilla.

Jasmine helps to relieve stress and create feelings of euphoria. Vanilla is a sweet and seductive scent that increases energy levels and improves blood circulation. If you’re smelling these all throughout the day, they will help to put you in the mood without even noticing it.

Have Some Chocolate And Red Wine

Guess what? There are foods that will help to make your orgasms stronger; good to know for when you want to have a multiple orgasm.

Two favorites are dark chocolate and red wine. Dark chocolate also increases blood circulation as it mentally mimics the feelings that orgasms give. And, if you have one to two glasses of red wine each day, that can increase natural lubrication and make you feel much more relaxed. The perfect setting for a night filled with multiple orgasms, wouldn’t you say?

Credits: Shellie Renee

7 Sex Positions That Stimulate The Clit And G-Spot At The Same Time

Why not go for the double whammy?

Vaginas get about as happy as they possibly can when you stimulate the clit and g-spot together. The two totally different sensations combine into one big explosion of pleasure.

Next time you play all your cards right and get down to some love-making, stimulate the clit and g-spot at the same time with these semi-advanced romantic moves:

Doggy Style

stimulate the clit and g-spot doggy style

This classic position allows both partners clitoral access.


stimulate clit and g-spot cowgirl

Any variation of girl-on-top is great for giving the female partner maximum control to get what she wants.

Legs Up

stimulate the clit and g-spot legs up

A little added pressure on the lady’s lower abdomen can push this move up another pleasure notch.

Reverse Cowgirl

stimulate the clit and g-spot reverse cowgirl

Another great position for the woman to control her stimulation.


stimulate the clit and g-spot pretzel

Interlock your legs for some grinding action.

Side By Side

stimulate the clit and g-spot sideways

Lay down facing each other and try missionary on your sides. It will engage all your muscles and hit the right spots.

Missionary Plus

stimulate the clit and g-spot pillow missionary

Boost the lady’s pelvis with a pillow for an angle that will pack a punch. For a slightly wilder variation, place his legs outside of hers in a straddle. The bonus pressure from his pelvis will activate her clit, taking the g-spot sensation from great to amazing.

Credits: Chris Cole

The Most Surprising Things Men Love About Each Sex Position

As women, we aim to please. And what better way to please our man than in the bedroom? You might be aware of your man’s favorite sex position, but do you ever wonder what exactly it is about girl on top (or doggy style) that makes it his favorite? Well, here’s some interesting information behind each sex position to put those questions to rest:


Why he likes it: Albeit a tad boring, but sometimes nothing beats good ol’ fashion missionary. He likes it because it puts him in control while still allowing for intimacy (and easy access to your breasts, of course).

Girl On Top

Why he likes it: It requires little to no effort on his part. It puts you in control (and he likes to see your enjoyment/preference). Once again, he has great access to your boobs…and butt, giving his hands free roam ;).

Manual Stimulation

Why he likes it: Great way to enjoy a little foreplay (and who doesn’t love foreplay!?). Plus, it keeps you happy and gets you halfway there, so he doesn’t have to last too long.


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5 Oral Sex Tips That Will Make Your Man Scream With Pleasure

7 Ways To Make Sex Better (From A Man’s Point Of View)

Doggy Style

Why he likes it: The rear-entry access is another position where he’s in control, allowing him to go at his own speed. Doggy style allows for the deepest penetration, so it still feels great for both parties involved (even if he’s on the smaller side).


Why he likes it: It gives him the best view, and you can’t deny him that. Plus, he likes when you do some of the work from time to time.

Reverse Cowgirl

Why he likes it: It’s basically all the same benefits of doggy style, but with less of the work on his part (apparently, men like when you take control…if you haven’t noticed). Not to mention, he once again gets a great view of dat ass.


Why he likes it: What’s not to like? It speeds up oral foreplay action while letting you both, simultaneously, get warmed up and ready.

Going Down On You

Why he likes it: For those who have trouble lasting long, it’s a great pitstop in-between foreplay and sex that allows him to please you without getting himself too worked up before the main event.

The Kneel And Sit

Why he likes it: It gives him easy access to all your lady bits (aka he can grab your butt and suck on your nipples). Plus, you’re on top doing most of the work, so he can focus more attention on pleasing you elsewhere.

Upstanding Citizen

Why he likes it: Besides the fact that it’s incredibly hot, it helps him show off his strength and masculinity seeing as he can hold you up while also doing all the work.

Credits: Taylor Casey

5 Oral Sex Tips That Will Make Your Man Scream With Pleasure

You don’t have to do the same thing every time you want to give your man a blow job. When having oral sex, you want him to enjoy himself. While that routine you do every time does get him off, try these moves the next time you have oral sex…I promise he will LOVE it and beg for more.

Get rid of that gag reflex.

Thumb in fist

It sounds crazy, I know, but trust me, this WORKS. As you insert his dick in your mouth, tuck your left thumb into the palm of your hand and make a fist. This “turns off ” the gag reflex and makes it easier to fit all of him in your mouth.

Spit and salivate.

Patrick Star Spit

This seems pretty basic, but you would be surprised how much pleasure he gets from the wetness of your mouth. Before starting the blow job, spit on his dick and rub the spit with your thumb up and down his shaft. Then, lick from the base to the tip before inserting him into your mouth. He will be at your beck and call from there on in.


When Harry Met Sally

You don’t need to talk. You don’t need to scream. Just moan. This lets him know that you are enjoying it and makes him even more turned on.

Look up at him.

Nicki Minaj Banana

Chances are that he is looking down at you while you are giving him the best blow job of his life. Casually glance up a few times throughout, making eye contact with him. This will only make him harder, and he will say, “Please don’t stop.” Nicki showcases this perfectly above.

Use your hands!


Your hands do not have to awkwardly lay at your sides. Use them to caress different parts of his body (i.e. chest, thighs, butt, etc.). Another option is to use one of your free hands to grab the shaft and jerk him off simultaneously as you suck and lick the top half of his penis

Credits: Landon Funk

5 Sex Positions that Will Help You Achieve a Deeper Penetration

5 Sex Positions That Will Help You Achieve Deeper Penetration

Missionary, while perhaps the most popular sex position, isn’t always the best when it comes to deep penetration.

Why would you want deep penetration you ask? Good question. Deep penetration helps with hitting the elusive “g-spot” in the female body, which is different for every girl. It’s in an area called the anterior fornix, which is near the cervix. We’re saying all these sexy words because while you want to hit the anterior fornix you want to steer clear of the cervix, which can be quite a sex-stopper if the penis slams into it during deep penetrative sex.

So how do you avoid that? Well the answer to that is awesome because basically it’s “try a bunch of stuff during sex and talk about it”, and who doesn’t love that? (answer: asexual people, shy people, my ex.)

We outlined five great positions to get you get started in this exploration of love and angles!

The Jockey

Lie on your stomach and put your legs together. Have your partner straddle you. He can then enter you, and shifting his weight around or kneeling/lying on top of you can change the angle. You can also put a pillow underneath your hips which is awesome for pushing that ass out.You can also switch the position of the legs, having his spread yours out, which doesn’t really do anything for penetration necessarily but it’s super hot.

The Turtle

This one is kind of a modified doggy style, which is also good for deep penetration.This one cuts right to the chase, as you’re kneeling and using your arms to fold your body as much as possible. For smaller men this could be particularly good to hit you in all the right ways, but be warned if your guy is like that eggplant emoji.

Sofa Surprise

Not quite cowgirl, because the guy is in a seated position rather than laying down. This position is amazing especially if you wrap your legs around his waist (like you might do in missionary). Then y’all just grind on each-other to your heart’s content. Also look each other in the eyes and say naughty stuff, this doesn’t help with the penetration… but it helps regardless 🙂

The Anvil

This is a modified Anvil due to the guy holding the girl’s legs (very advanced, these illustrations must do yoga or something), but the principle is the same. With you on your back the guy gets on his knees, holding your knees and legs up, which causes your butt to rise. You can adjust the angle as he thrusts. Again this one is is advanced only because you can mess up and hit the cervix, which as we discussed is just not fun.

Reverse Cowgirl

Another good one, much like regular Cowgirl or Sofa Surprise this one is great for the girl to control and adjust the angle. Plus the guy gets a bit of a booty show which nobody in history ever minded (…maybe the Puritans).
Credits: By Tom Murck

Sex Positions Every Married Couple Should Try

Sex Positions Every Married Couple Should Try

Ladies – this might seem like a personal question BUT, how’s the sex with your hubby? In need of a major sex upgrade? Perfect! Keep reading because this article is for you.

Sex can get boring, we all know that. The same old tricks and flips can get predictable. Luckily, it’s easy to spice things up. All you need to do is swap out your current sex positions with some new sex positions, like these:

The Flatiron

In this position, you lie face down with your hips slightly elevated so he can enter from behind.

The Waterfall

He lies, face up, with his head and torso off the edge of the bed. Then, you straddle him with your legs dangling or rested in front.

The Wheelbarrow

He stands behind you while you get on your hands and feet. Instead of keeping your feet on the floor, he should lift you from the pelvis while you grip your legs around his waist.

Reverse Cowgirl

He lies on his back with his legs stretched out, and you kneel on top with your legs straddling his hips and your back towards him.

The G-Whiz

This position is similar to missionary but with an added twist – you lie on your back with your legs stretched and calves rested on his shoulders.

The Scoop Me Up

Both of you lie on your side and face the same direction. Your knees should be up slightly, so he can enter you from behind.

The Lazy Man

He sits on the bed with his legs stretched out, and you straddle him with your knees up and feet on the bed.

Heir To The Throne

You sit on a chair with your legs wide open, so he can do his thang!

The Ballet Dancer

You both stand facing one another. You raise either one of your legs, wrap it around his waist, and pull him inside you.

Credits: By Jordan White

Conceptionmoons: Fertility Wellness Holidays for Starting a Family

If you and your partner are beginning the process or have already started trying for a baby, then these 5 fertility wellness holidays are a great excuse to escape on a couples healthy holiday whilst maximising your chances of conceiving. Whilst falling pregnant may happen faster for some couples than others, regardless of how long it takes, being mentally strong and healthy will steer you in good stead for the future when trying to conceive. From the stunning Portuguese coast to the beauty of the Himalayas, take time to de-stress and boost your chances of success at one of these wellness retreats ideal for a conceptionmoon.

Couples Wellness in Thailand: Amatara Connect

Amatara thai massage conceptionmoon
Reconnect with yourself and your loved one at Amatara

Stress can decrease your chances of conceiving, so take some time out to re-connect with your partner at this healthy retreat in Thailand, where you can restore tranquillity on a relaxing spa holiday and leave the stress of daily life behind you. Reconnect with your loved one whilst embracing a healthy lifestyle during a nutritional cooking class, before learning to massage one another and stretching out during private yoga sessions together. Encircling yourself in total tranquillity in a healthy haven will ignite the romance and may help you on your conceptionmoon journey.

More information: View Amatara Resort and Wellness

Detox in Spain:
SHA Detox

SHA wellness clinic guests terrace conceptionmoon
Cleanse and rejuvenate together at SHA

If you have struggled to conceive, cleanse your system of daily toxins to help your body reach an optimum level of purity at this leading wellness clinic in Spain. A wellness experience that may help to heighten your chances of conception, engage in a highly effective detox holiday to cleanse toxins from your body built up from high stress levels and unhealthy diets. With a general medical check when you arrive, you will be advised on which spa treatments would be most beneficial for you. Together with SHA’s prescribed macrobiotic diet, fuel your body with the most nutritional and healthiest foods to rejuvenate your body.

More information: View SHA Wellness Clinic

Meditate in India:
Shreyas Silent Retreat

shreyas chocolate scrub conceptionmoon
Relax your mind and body at Shreyas

Reduce your stress levels when trying to conceive by embracing the practice of meditation on a conceptionmoon at Shreyas in India. Learning to gain control over your thoughts on a relaxing meditation holiday this ‘mind over body’ mentality may help to prepare yourself for a potential pregnancy. Start by tailor-making your healthy holiday with a specialist wellness consultation and embark on a journey of self-discovery at this tranquil and idyllic wellness retreat. Together with an array of rejuvenation massages, you will re-energise every part of your body, mind and soul.

More information: View Shreyas

Weight Management in Italy:
Ti Sana Weight Loss

Ti Sana reception conceptionmoon
Boost your metabolism and increase your chances of conceiving at Ti Sana

With healthy weight proven to increase the chances of conceiving, reach your ideal weight on this healthy holiday it Italy. Excess body fat can lead to an overproduction of some hormones that can disrupt ovulation, perhaps making your cycles less regular. Boost your metabolism on a weight-loss holiday as you raise your fitness levels with personal training sessions and group activities, from Nordic walking to Pilates. Learn how to manage your weight in a healthy way on this conceptionmoon with a customised organic vegan nutrition plan and boost weight loss with slimming spa therapies.

More information: View Ti Sana

De-Stress in Portugal:
Longevity Relax & Wellness

Vilalara Thalassa resort massage conceptionmoon
De-stress and reduce the pressure of conceiving at Longevity

De-stress your body mentally and physically with this relaxing spa holiday set on Portugal stunning Algarve coastline. Trying for a baby can be a stressful process which can in turn hinder your chances of conceiving. Learn how to manage stress effectively with mindfulness therapy sessions and educational mind-body techniques on a de-stress holiday that offers practical advice on how to banish stress. Surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens, reach your wellness goals with an array of Thalassa and medical spa treatments, before increasing your wellness knowledge in a healthy living workshop, to make the healthy life choices that will aid your chances of conception.

Credits: Article from Health&Fitness Travel Blog

The Dangerous Side-Effects of Birth Control That Every Woman Should Know About

The Dangerous Side-Effects of Birth Control That Every Woman Should Know About

Common complaints that women have when using birth control vary depending on the method used. Side-effects like headaches, acne, skin irritation (at insertion site for sub-dermal implants), thinning hair, bloating, breast tenderness, and weight gain can all be treated with relative ease.

More extreme cases require medical intervention. Women who use implanted devices like the IUD have reported punctures the the uterine wall, devices being lodged in the uterine wall, heavy bleeding, and ovarian cysts. These side effects have led to surgery, infertility, anemia, and even cancer.

There is an elevated risk of infection any time a birth control device must be inserted into the vaginal tract. UTI’s, or urinary tract infections, are more common with diaphragm and sponge use. Though uncomfortable and inconvenient, UTI’s are treatable with prescription medications and/or natural remedies.

The NuvaRing, however, is a whole other story. Blood clots are the most serious side-effect which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, Toxic Shock Syndrome, liver problems (including tumors), high blood pressure, and more.

With the exception of condoms, none of the other products on the market prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases nor do they prevent the spread of HIV. If diseases like syphilis are left untreated, irreversible damage to the brain, eyes, heart, or nerves may develop. Babies may contract the disease during childbirth. Because the symptoms are usually undetected, serious health problems may develop up to and including death.

Ailments like herpes have no cure. Other untreated diseases can cause infertility. But if you contract HIV, then death is imminent. Your quality of life with HIV will be dictated by how clean your lifestyle is and how accessible treatments and medications are to you.

Pretty heavy stuff, isn’t it? Well, it is better to have given all of these matters some thought lest you find yourself at your doctor’s office wishing you had been more mindful. Your health is serious business. Make it a priority. Your future depends on it.

Mastering These 5 Yoga Poses is Guaranteed to Supercharge You Sexually!


Article by Kaylia Zancan